Digital Signage for schools

A Digital Signage display is a great way to engage school visitors, staff and pupils. Use it to publicise the school's achievements, display pupils' work and keep everyone up-to-date by providing information. Signage screens provide an effective method of showcasing your school to visitors, displaying information to parents in the reception area or presenting school calendars and rotas to staff through office and staff room displays,

Best of all, thanks to Atomwide's innovative school-focused design, a sophisticated system of any size can be deployed on a small budget.

Atomwide Digital Signage is available as an 'off-the-shelf' product or as a bespoke Digital Signage service for any school type from Primary through to Higher Education establishments. Signage makes it possible to present information in a wide range of media including, but not limited to, video, images, RSS, PowerPoint, web pages, Adobe® Flash® and Outlook Calendars.